Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Hi everyone! My name is Emma and this is my first post. If you are following us from our last blog, Fashion and Frosting, then it’s good to see you again! If this is new to you, then welcome! This is our blog. Guidelines and things are a little fuzzy right now, so we’re probably going to make them up as we go along! Ok so on to my first post!
If you were with us at Fashion and Frosting, then this post is going to seem familiar. First up, I want to talk about “fashion” and “style” a little bit. Fashion changes from day to day, but only YOU can decide what style is. I have been recently inspired by Lauren Conrad’s book "Style". If you haven’t checked out this book, I highly recommend it. Not only does she talk about making fashion your own but it also talks about cleaning out your closet, wearing accessories, and much more.
    So in Lauren Conrad's book, one of the first things she talks about is wardrobe essentials. Thinking about it, it seems simple. So I sat down to think about my top ten essentials. Turns out, its harder than you think. Here’s what I've come up with:
-An awesome pair of jeans: whether they are skinny, flare, or boot cut, a great fitting pair of jeans is a must. Ones that look good and make you feel good can make an outfit. You can’t go wrong with a dark wash.
A leather jacket: I absolutely love my leather jacket. It really pulls an outfit together. Any color works. (I personally have a dark brown) There are tons of styles, cuts, and colors, so find one that you love and looks great.
Cami (or tank top): A tank top is great for those shirts that feel like they are missing something. You can’t go wrong with white or black.
A pair of flats: Shoes are my favorite thing to shop for. Whether a pink zebra stripe, a purple plaid, or a cheetah print, I love them all. And, they can be a pick me up in a dull outfit. Try a red pair with a black dress or a fun print with a skinny jean.
- A sweater: There are so many different kinds of sweaters: Button down, over sized, pull over, the list is endless. I love over sized when I’m relaxing and a nice button down to pull an outfit together. They are great in the in- between season when it’s getting cooler outside but it’s not cold enough to wear a sweatshirt.
-A v-neck shirt: A short sleeve V-Neck shirt is a must. They are simple enough to just wear around or you can dress them up with a skirt and sweater. Again, there are so many styles to choose from, you are bound to find one that you love.  
-LBD: A little black dress can be worn in so many ways. You can wear them with a sweater, jacket, shrug, or just by itself. They look cute with virtually any color shoe and can look really fancy or casual.
-A cute skirt: Whether it’s fun and flirty, little and tight, or a combination of, both a skirt is a must.
A pair of black shoes: This one is up to what you like. A black pair of heels, boots or flats looks good with pretty much anything.
-Blazer: Wear it with a t-shirt and jeans or over a dress. They can pull together and outfit like that.

What are your ten essentials? Leave it in the comments below! 
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